was founded in 1985. The plant and headquarters are located in Vatontas, N.Artaki (80km from Athens) whereas there is a branch office in Kalochori, Thessaloniki (6th km nat. road Thessaloniki-Athens) as the center of distribution to Northern Greece and the Balkan countries.

The initial production was aluminium blinds and rolling shutters with aluminium painted coil as raw material. The shutter range was completed with the vertical production of accessories, galvanized axes and aluminium boxes (exterior, interior). Predicting the market trends, year after year, VIOMAL S.A. initiated productions of:
  • Aluminium spacer bars for double glazing
  • Fly screen systems
  • Solar protection systems
In these new ventures an important role was played by the new coating and coil slitting plants. Taking into consideration the constantly increasing color demand, VIOMAL S.A. invested in a revolutionary powder coating line for aluminium slats plus extruded profiles. Therefore all products are available in a wide variety of RAL glossy and matt colors, as well as special colors (metallic, sable, etc) in order to satisfy all architectural applications, traditional or modern.

In June ‘94 the company acquired the ISO 9002 certificate for all its products by the International Organization Certificate Bureau Veritas.

In February 2010 and according with the European legislation, VIOMAL S.A. confirms that its products are produced in accordance to the European norms which allow the issuance of CE certification.

Since the date of foundation, VIOMAL S.A. has had an ascending course in the Greek market, resulting in a domestic market share of 78% for the spacers and 75% for the shutters. On the other hand, important role played the extensive sales network in the Greek market and in several European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Switzerland, and Slovakia) as well as Serbia, Skopje, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kuwait, U.A.E., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria.