VIOMAL S.A.  was founded in 1985 and since it holds a leading status in the aluminium market. Always focusing at the safety and the production of interior and exterior areas (residential buildings, commercial buildings and offices), it has expanded its production enterprise to the domain of retractable security doors, offering a unique design and functionality combined with quality and safety.

Times have changed and crime has increased. The safety of an exterior or interior area does not regard only the guarding of valuable objects but also the protection and security of people that live and work in these areas. Burglars in our days do not hesitate to invade homes even when the owners are present.

The retractable security door SILEA consists an innovating patented product, of high aesthetics, which provides an integrated solution in safety, elegance and function.

  • The retractable security door SILEA is made entirely of stainless steel with an aluminum exterior investment in order to provide a safe, protected and elegant environment that is very hard to break open.  
  • The combination of the different materials it consists of, offers endurance against ageing, adds style to the area, while the exterior parts offer a perfect look, a wide variety of coloration, a cleaning easiness, and a guaranteed security.
  • The sliding parts are silent, remain firm and do not require maintenance.
  • The door can be locked in three different places with the use of a stainless steel lock.
  • The lower guide can be easily tipped and integrated to the door, thus facilitating the passage of children, elderly or disabled people.
  • Thanks to the special joints the retractable security door Silèa has, it can be turned by 180o to the opposite side of the span it has been fixed into, allowing one to pass with even more ease.
  • It can be manufactured as a one-leaf, two-leaf, invertible, rotating door.
  • It can be easily and quickly fixed into any span-casing, of modern or older building construction.

Certified safety & quality
All the SILEA models have been proven for breaking resistance in compliance with the ENV 1627 European standard of proof against burglars and a class 3 certification is attached.

The hanging posts and the levers of the retractable door SILEA have received a UNI 5687-73 certification against corrosion: resistance specification in salt spray chamber.

The SILEA models have a CE UNI EN 13241-1 certification.

Good for 10,000 openings/shuttings with the standard maintenance.


1-leaf retractable security door   2-leaves retractable security door
Invertble retractable security door   180⁰ rotating retractable security door
Exterior casing when there exists
no adequate masonry
  Ground plan of a 180o rotating retractable security door


  1. Interior vertical reinforced bars entirely made of stainless steel.
  2. Aluminium profile guide in the upper part.
  3. Vertical aluminium bars that cover the stainless steel and the leve pins.
  4. Stainless steel lock which can be locked in three different places (a central hook and two pins that lock in the upper and lower guide).
  5. Technoplastics sliding sheaves made of self-greasing material, with a low friction coefficient, high resistance to wear, deformation, high or low temperature.
  6. Galvanized and painted Leve made of high-resistance steel. The special shape of their components renders them high resistant to cuts.
  7. Wall alignment profile to cover flaws on the wall..
  8. The lower guide facilitates the smooth and silent movement of the vertical bars, while its perfect design prevents the unclasp of the bars.
  9. The profiles joining angles, the contact points of the Leve, and the friction points of the upper and lower bar ends are made of resistant, self-greasing material (epoxy resin).
  10. The points which hold the leve in the bars are not externally visible.


The leve are made of high resistant galvanised steel. The joining method is not externally visible and its innovating shape rends breaking and entering extremely difficult. The special shape of the leve guarantees absolute symmetry and parallel orientation of the system both during the opening and the shutting procedure.
The upsights consist of stainless steel profiles, covered by aluminum. The stainless steel profile has a special shape which renders it more resistant to cuts and increases the firmness of the entire construction. The aluminum profiles which cover the stainless steel profiles, render the joining point of the leve externally invisible and protect the railing from dust and weather conditions.
Each upright is moving with the help of a double trolley. The trolleys are self-greasing, having thus a very low friction and noise coefficient during their movement, and guaranteeing a high wear and high/low temperature resistance. The first hanging post which also bears the lock abuts on a quadruple trolley for even higher stability.
A steel hook with a stainless socket in the stable part and two safety locks which are secured in the upper and lower guide. When the door is open, the package can be immobilized with a simple key turn.
The special lock hub consists the most secure and modern market offer. The hub and the cleat can be rendered not visible externally providing thus even higher security.

The upper and lower guide are joined to the rest of the frame with side-angles which are made of resistant material (figure A,B). The height of the lower guide is made in such a way that allows the smooth passage, since it complies with the technical and architectural standards. The special joints (figure C), allow the folding of the guide while the system remains open and there is no need for the guide to lay on the floor. The option of the complete removal of the guide is also provided (figure D) for practical reasons such as the cleaning of the span.

Techical information

uPRIGHTS Package
306 - 410 1 125
411 - 562 2 151
563 - 714 3 177
715 - 866 4 202
867 - 1018 5 228
1019 - 1170 6 254
1171 - 1322 7 279
1323 - 1474 8 305
1475 - 1626 9 331
1627 - 1778 10 356
1779 - 1930 11 382
1931 - 2082 12 408
2083 - 2234 13 434
2235 - 2386 14 459
2387 - 2538 15 485
2539 - 2690 16 511
2691 - 2842 17 536
2843 - 2994 18 567
2995 - 3146 19 588
3147 - 3298 20 613
3299 - 3450 21 639
3451 - 3602 22 665
3603 - 3754 23 691
3755 - 3906 24 716
3907 - 4058 25 742


Ground plan

Method of installation

  Ground plan SILEA